Idea and concept

Idea and concept

The objective of the project “ PLAN OF POPULATION REDISTRIBUTION FOR FAMILIES FROM URBAN MARGINAL NEIGHBORHOODS: CONSTRUCTION OF SELF SUSTAINABLE RURAL PRODUCTIVE COMMUNITIES” is to construct a self sustainable, productive rural community with the families from “villas miseria” or “slums” around the city of Córdoba, Argentina.

Previous community work in the most poor neighborhoods of the City, have shown that families would like to go or return back to life in the countryside, and have shown the possibilities of living in the countryside to leave the vicious cycle they encounter in these urban settlements (addictions, crime, institutional violence, lack of public services, etc). Families begin gradually creating a new perspective of a dignified life through coexistence in a rural environment. With access to health services and education, families can create a productive self sustainable community, emphasizing the need for tools and the necessary roads for their personal and family development and also collaborating with a better distribution of the population.

  • Specific Objectives

    • helping recuperate families from indigence and providing them with a healthy space for their development
    • Brindarles herramientas para el desarrollo de capacidades laborales, culturales y educacionales
    • Fortalecer el núcleo familiar
    • Recuperar los valores de solidaridad y el trabajo en comunidad
    • Promover el reconocimiento de derechos civiles, sociales y políticos
    • Favorecer en las familias la apropiación de su realidad tomando conciencia de sus posibilidades en la construcción de un nuevo futuro a través de un trabajo desarrollado mancomunadamente con los destinatarios del proyecto
    • Articular actividades en pos del desarrollo local y regional con otras comunidades, pueblos y/o ciudades

The project works with young families with children under 4 years of age, who live in urban marginal settlements in precarious situations, but also with other people in other actualities. While the children have access to recreational activities, sporty and educational, their parents can strengthen or develop their skills in a healthy environment and continuous contact with nature, in an environment that incorporates them into an existing basic infrastructure that offers them the possibility of fulfilling their family duties, so that in the long term they will be able to sustain their families themselves.

The project is based on loving your neighbor and trust. The families become part of social community that has a considerable difference to the circumstances or their actual life . A rural, agricultural, sustainable and organic environment is the developmental goal. In this new environment, the people need to complete diverse tasks that favor individual, family and community growth. By improving the quality of life through their new self-esteem will be able to contribute to the community and society itself.

This project plans to work with different ideas of eco-villages and care of our planet.

In the long term, our objective is that the families will one day contribute themselves to expand and advance the basic idea of ​​the project.