If a lot of little people
in a lot of little places
do a lot of little things
they can change the world

voces de los miembros

Rodrigo Zori Comba (Founder) (AR)
Eliana La Rossa (AR)
Hanna Weber (DE)
Manuel Vazquez (AR)
María Angélica Rassino (AR)
Silvia Däberitz (DE)
Wiebke Scheffler (DE)

Rodrigo Zori Comba (Founder) (AR)

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and : 'Love your neighbor as yourself " (Matthew 22 - 37.39) "So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.? (Luke 11-9) These sentences have formed both me and my life. Putting these beautiful words by our Lord Jesus Christ into action and helping relatives with their work in the slums have motivated me to form groups in Córdoba and Leipzig (Germany) who work on the aim of helping families out of the slums in Córdoba. We want to provide them not only with a life fit for human beings, but also with access to health care, education and all other means which they need for their personal and family development. So, in the beginning of 2004, the non-profit organization Ser Humanos was founded in Córdoba and at the end of the same year ser humanos e.V. followed in Leipzig. We know today that a few people decide over the life of the majority of people which has lead to great injustice among people. Many people, however, do not know, what health, education, dignity, respectable work and other basic conditions of life mean. It?s hard to believe that the industrialized countries have the highest suicide rates. This obviously shows that people are not happy here. With our work, we also want to contribute to making these people happy by helping them realize that sharing can make many people happy and that this outlook on life can bring happiness for you as well.




Has de mi un instrumento de tu paz


donde alla odio, ponga yo Amor,

donde alla ofensa, Perdon,

donde alla discordia, Union,

donde alla desesperacion, Esperanza,

donde alla tristeza, Alegria,

donde alla duda, Fe,

donde alla tinieblas, Tu Luz.


Señor que yo no busque tanto:


Ser Consolado, sino consolar,

ser comprendido, sino comprender,

ser amado sino amar.


Por que es:


dando que se recibe,

perdonando, que se es perdonado

muriendo, que se resucita

a la Vida Eterna


San Francisco de Asis

The following paragraphs are meant to show that it is not our aim to, come hell or high water, change the world overnight. Everybody who is involved is well aware of the problems and troubles that will arise and are, regardless of this, willing to put energy, strength and time into this project to change what can be changed ? to the better.




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