If a lot of little people
in a lot of little places
do a lot of little things
they can change the world

Preliminary remarks about dealing with donations

Since Ser Humanos is a non-profit organization which gains its financial means exclusively by organizing charity events and sponsoring, we are dependant on donations, no matter what amount, in order to successfully realize our  projects.

All financial means are exclusively used for supporting the projects in Argentina and for mobilizing material and people here in Germany.

If you are planning to help us with a donation, we would like to ask you to contact us, because we wish to inform you at a later date about the documented success of your donation. It is extremely important for us that you learn what could be realized with the help of your donation.


You con donate online using Paypal. Please follow the link below.

Thank you very much for supporting us.


Donate with Paypal

If you'd like to make a one-time donation to Ser Humanos, you can use PayPal to make it fast and easy. You don't even need a Paypal Account. Just click on the button.


Thank you for your help!





As an enterprise and as an individual, we offer you the possibility to officially appear as a sponsor of the project on our web page.







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