If a lot of little people
in a lot of little places
do a lot of little things
they can change the world

This is how you can support us

Our association tackles many big, but also a lot of small tasks in order to achieve our goal. And no matter how many people are currently dedicating their time and energy, we always appreciate all kinds of help, from all different directions and at all times.


  • For those who have ideas about cultural projects and / or would like to realize them with us: Welcome. This includes for example events which encourage people to get interested in development aid.
  • For those who have experience in the field of development aid, project organization, sponsoring etc. and would like to share this experience with us: We are looking forward to working with you. This also involves students wishing to do an internship in one of the areas mentioned.
  • For those who do not necessarily wish to take responsibility on a grand scale, but who are rather interested in supporting us with small activities: We would like to have you join us. We always appreciate help during concerts, cinema, lectures ? setting everything up, selling tickets, or preparing food fort he artists.
  • Even though we always start by looking for ways to act without money, i.e. realize most of the projects with our own abilities and with those of the volunteers ? it doesn?t always work. Not everything can be achieved with good will, time and energy alone. For those who thus want to support us financially: Thank you for every donation.





in Leipzig: leipzig@serhumanos.org



in Córdoba: cordoba@serhumanos.org





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