If a lot of little people
in a lot of little places
do a lot of little things
they can change the world

What do we need in order to achieve something?

In the following paragraphs you will find a list of materials and tools that are extremely important for the realization of the project in Argentina. Unfortunately, we do not yet have enough funds to buy these things, so we are relying on your support! Should it be possible for you so support us in any way, whether with direct sponsoring, providing a van / truck or donating other required material, we would be grateful for a short e-mail to the address beside.


Important aid and goods


Foundations? donations, NGOs, governments, churches and private institution, various charity events organized by Ser Humanos Leipzig, scholarships and sponsored flights for Ser Humanos members Córdoba and Leipzig are earnings which are required for the development of the project itself and for the members of Ser Humanos. Sponsoring of people or families and events organized by Ser Humanos are of incredible value for our growth and development. In the long term the project is to finance itself.


  • House
    for the group Ser. Humanos - Córdoba and/or for the families preferred by the project.
    Property for the construction of houses for the families preferred by the project.
  • Tools
    for the construction and the preservation of the already existing facilities.
  • Solar cells
    for the properties lying on the land an energy supply must be guaranteed.
  • Building materials
    cement, lime, sand, iron, wood, stones, etc.
  • furnitures
    tables, chairs, culinary equipment, beds, cupboards, desks, etc.

Transporter and truck

transport possibilities for the persons and matrix alien who are useful to the project, like building materials, tools, to food, drugs, etc.


Any kinds of food is required. In the long term the self-sufficiency with food is aimed.

  • Cattle
    cows, bovine animals, pigs, nanny goats, chickens, etc.
  • Seeds
    All kinds desemillas of fruits and suitable vegetables for the region in the one that develops the project


doctors, medicaments and health insurances are indispensable for the health of the preferred families.


sneakers, winter clothes, sports clothes and all kinds of clothes in good state are necessary for the families preferred by the project.


books, school materials, scholarships, godparenthood for children, computers.s





in Leipzig: leipzig@serhumanos.org



in Córdoba: cordoba@serhumanos.org





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