If a lot of little people
in a lot of little places
do a lot of little things
they can change the world

Who are we looking for?

Interested in Ser Humanos e.V.? Good! Wondering how you could participate? Even better!

The only preconditions for getting involved is the belief in a better world, commitment to people in need and love for Argentina and Southamerica.

In Leipzig we are particularly looking for people who would like to organize events, establish contact with possible sponsors or who are good at accounting or financial administration.
But of course it is also possible for you to get involved even if you don't live in Leipzig or Córdoba. Ser Humanos is still young and naturally we do not mind discovering other parts of Germany. Maybe you would like to organize a charity event in your home town. We would help you of course and always support you with word and deed.

Maybe you are also thinking about travelling to Argentina and want to make your trip a personal and intense experience, far away from tourist attractions, and yet don?t really know how. Volunteers are always welcome! Every pair of hands can contribute a little bit to the big plan. We are especially looking for doctors, psychologists, teachers, social workers, manual workers, farmers or students studying the respective subjects. Practical training might be possible as well. No matter what your nationality or religion may be, what institution, NGO, church or state department you belong to, everybody is welcome to help. To solve a humanitarian problem, people need to work together in a team to find a solution.
Simply contact us by filling out the contact form or sending an e-mail.

By the way: everybody can become a member of Ser Humanos e.V. - it's free!





in Leipzig: leipzig@serhumanos.org



in Córdoba: cordoba@serhumanos.org





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