Moltes petites coses,
fetes per moltes persones,
en molts petits llocs,
podran canviar el món.

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Ser Humanos e.V.
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Mobile: (+54 9) 351 2365900

mobile: (+54 9) 351 2365900

Representation-entitled board of directors

ARGENTINA: Eliana La Rossa, Wiebke Scheffler, Natalia Salcedo

GERMANY: Nestor Nunez, Daniela Keil

Register court

District court of Córdoba, association register number: Pers. Jurd. 362”A”/04

District court of Leipzig, association register number: VR 4098

Contend, corresponding to § 6 MDStV / § 8 TDG, provided by

Silvia Däberitz, Wiebke Scheffler, Jan Graf, Rebecka Hille, Katharina Kutzias, Rodrigo Zori Comba, Jorge Rafael


Wiebke Scheffler
Rebecka Hille

Neus Piulats Egea

Stéfano Abbate

Ilsa Quéret

Manon Barthelemy

Eileen Graf



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Coding / webmaster

Michael Welt, Jorge Rafael


Ser Humanos e.V.

Tristan Schulz

Claudia Uhlig

Regina Sebald

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