Plan of distribution of the population with families from marginal settlements: Building sustainable self-financing village communities

Our Project aims to provide new opportunities for personal and occupational development for families in urban marginal neighborhoods, through the construction of a self-sustainable and productive rural community. We aim to generate a dignified form of life by self management and through food sovereignty thus returning life to the countryside in harmonious way.

In the last decades Argentina has had a growing urban population concentration, meanwhile the small towns around are disappearing. Urban-marginal neighborhoods (villas miseria) lack the most elementary services, and their inhabitants suffer from overcrowding, poor diet and neglect by the state, which in many cases generates: family violence, addictions, crime, etc.

Our project is divided in three phases. The first phase, acquiring land and creating a detailed concept for the best use of the land and that allows the community full use of the land. In the second phase begin productive activities, construction / remodeling of the structure (cultural center), and last phase selection of the recipients.

Our principals state themselfs with the objective of promoting the ideals that they contain and that we consciously put into practice inside and outside the community. We consider them basic for a greater and better healthy coexistence.